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LinkRunner AT: Updating Firmware

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To update, you must have a valid AllyCare support contract on your unit. To prevent problems caused by losing power during a software update, supply power to the LinkRunner AT with the AC adapter.

Updating Software via Link-Live Cloud Service
The LinkRunner AT cannot be updated via the Link-Live Cloud Service. However, to use the Link-Live cloud service for posting data results, the unit must be on version 2.4.3 or later and claimed.

Updating Software via LinkRunner AT Manager

  1. Download the firmware and the LinkRunner AT manager software.
  2. Connect your LinkRunner AT via usb cable to the computer.
  3. Launch the LinkRunner AT manager software and click TOOLS.
  4. Select Update Firmware.
  5. Click SELECT and browse for the firmware file.
  6. Follow the on-screen directions and keep in mind that the update can take a few minutes.