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AirCheck G2

AirCheck G2: Certificates - Requirements and Troubleshooting

Supported certificate types and troubleshooting.

AirCheck G2: Statement of Volatility

How to sanitize volatile and non-volatile memory on the AirCheck G2.

General: How to find a Serial Number

How to find a Serial Number of any NetAlly product.

AirCheck G2: Interferer Sources

Sources that can cause interference.

General: 802.1x Authentication EAP Types

Definition of supported EAP types for 802.1x authentication.

AirCheck G2: AP's Show Below Threshold

AP's detected at -100 dBm still show if below threshold.

AirCheck G2: Lower Signal on Locate AP/Client Screen

The AirCheck G2 reports a lower signal level on the locate AP/Client screen than on the AP or Client information screens.

AirCheck G2: PHY Data Rate Goes Blank

When running a connection tests, the PHY data rate can sometimes go blank.

AirCheck G2: Hidden Networks

Can the AirCheck G2 find an connect to hidden network SSIDs?

General: Missing Switch Information via CDP/LLDP

NetAlly products examine and parse the first Layer 2 (CDP/LLDP/EDP/FDP) discovery packet.

AirCheck G2: AutoTest

AutoTest configuration and scenarios for the AirCheck G2.

AirCheck G2: Proxy Configuration

How to configure proxy settings on the AirCheck G2.

AirCheck G2: Import AP Alias List

How to import an AP alias List with AirCheck G2 manager.

AirCheck G2: Captive Portal

Captive portal configuration and settings.

AirCheck G2: Manager Software on Windows

AirCheck G2 Manager Software and Windows compatibility.

AirCheck G2: Certificates - How To Add Certificates

How to add 802.1x authentication certificates.

AirCheck G2: Updating Firmware

How to update the firmware/software on your AirCheck G2.

AirCheck G2: What is the AirCheck G2?

One-button AutoTest quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the Wi-Fi environment and identifies common problems.

AirCheck G2: Creating AP Alias Names

How to create AP alias names for the AirCheck G2.